The Foundation for the PTSSA System  

KFMB CBS8 TV news story Voice Stress Analysis (1983)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E_E5LA_mz4 

See: Blind study by the Florida Polygraph Service, Inc.  The Mark II Voice Analyzer was proven in a blind study to be as reliable as the polygraph in 1048 tests.  However, the American Polygraph Association power that be, even after 4 decades are still touting voice stress analysis is not reliable.   I challenge the American Polygraph Association to refute the findings of the Florida Polygraph Service, Inc., who were members of the American Polygraph Association and the Florida Polygraph Association.

PROFILES has spent thousands of hours since 1977 researching and developing a Specific Issue Screening system (truth verification/lie detection) that will indicate whether or not a person warrants further in-depth evaluation.  HOW IT’S DONE…  The person first completes a short Specific Issue Questionnaire concerning an incident:  Crimes Against Property and Crimes Against Persons, Espionage, Terrorism, Smuggling, Rape, Murder, etc.  Next, this person is seated in front of the INTERVIEWER SYSTEM that consists of 2 tape recorders, a headset microphone, and a bank of interview tapes for various incidents.  We have also developed an extensive Pre-Employment Background Investigative Questionnaire (BIQ) for Law Enforcement and private security agents used as a preliminary screening tool.

One tape player plays the PVASINTEappropriate survey tape and the other records the person’s “YES” or “NO” responses. The tape containing the person’s verbal responses is then processed through the Psychophysiological Voice Stress Analyzer (PVSA; aka Mark II Voice Analyzer) computer.

The PVSA computer  precisely measures  how the  person emotionally reacted when answering  (audible and sub-audible involuntary micro muscle modulation). This numerical data is then analyzed by a computer program containing a special algorithm (1st copyright in 1982). The Mark II Voice Analyze was proven as accurate as a polygraph by members of the American Polygraph Association and the Florida Polygraph Association.

Because of this unique survey and analysis technique, the Specific Issue Screening system cannot be “consciously” biased or “thrown” by the person. It also eliminates the possibility of analyst error.

No other Voice Stress Analyzer system can match this system’s speed, accuracy, reliability & versatility!!!

We have trained a number of Law Enforcement Agencies in the proper use of Psychophysiological Voice Stress Analysis utilizing proven polygraph and voice stress analysis techniques (course outline available upon request).

U.S.A. Polygraph Act

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