Investigative Analytical Focus Technology Awarded 3 U.S. Patents

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“Refugee, Immigrant Vetting, Visa Vetting at the Point of Origin, Insider Government Threats, Criminal Investigations, etc.,  with 92%+ Proven Accuracy in Two Scientific Studies.  Each Test Administrated in about 2 minutes”

 KFMB CBS8 TV news story (January 2010)  Vice Admiral Peter Hekman (ret)

 Lagos, Nigeria International Airport. Field Acceptance Testing (December 2010) ~ Video Only, No Sound ~

Associated Press:  Terrorists Look to Implant Bombs in Humans 

New York Times:  Attacker in Afghanistan Hid Bomb in His Body


Technology Overview & White Paper

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A Scientifically Proven Detection and Deterrent System

In a 3rd Party Testing by a group of forensic PhD Forensic Psychologists provided scientific proof  the PTSSA system is 92% accurate in determining when a person is being truthful or somewhat less than truthful in 2 separate published studies (See Reports).

Why is this cutting edge technology sorely needed?

A study conducted by TSA concluded that current screening methods missed 75% of bomb components at LAX and 60% at Chicago O’Hare airports. San Francisco’s airport is run by private security and missed 20% of bomb components. This also indicates a significant between private and government security screening.

GAO: $1 billion TSA behavioral screening program ‘slightly better than chance’

By Joel Seidman, NBC News
The federal government may have wasted $1 billion on a TSA program called “SPOT” that profiles people who may be “bad guys” at airports by talking to them, the Government Accountability Office reported Wednesday. There is no evidence that it works, it said.

Government Safety Act, November 2001

(a) IN GENERAL. The Under Secretary of Transportation for Security may take the following actions:    
Section: (7) Provide for the use of voice stress analysis, bio-metric, or other technologies to prevent a person who might pose a danger to air safety or security  from boarding the aircraft of an air carrier or foreign air carrier in air transportation or intrastate air transportation.

See U.S.A. Polygraph Restrictions: Polygraph Act USA


21st Century Investigative Analytical Technology for Law Enforcement, Military, Government Agencies, and Security Professionals.

It took 11 years to research and develop an extremely fast viable security risk vetting solution that only takes about TWO MINUTES with a scientifically proven accuracy of 92% to 97%.

The Psychophysiological Touch Screen Stress Analyzer (PTSSA) has proven to have tremendous information gathering capabilities (first US Patent 8,264,364 granted on 9/11 of 2012. Additional US Patents granted are 8,502,691 and 8,847,778).

QUESTIONS: Have you leaking information to an unauthorized person? Are witnesses telling you the whole truth? Is your CI withholding important information? Are sexual offenders are adhering to their probation/parole? Were you in any way involved in committing this criminal act? Are you involved in committing acts of terrorism? Etc…

We have created specialized touch screen computer software that will vet and identify individuals with hostile intent towards our Government and military, and to identifying insider threats. So far we have created 39 vetting solutions to accomplish this task.

The person reads the questions on the specialized touch screen computer, then touch the “YES” or “NO” buttons on the screen in response to the question. The touch data is processed through proprietary algorithms and determines how the person emotionally reacted to each one of 18 questions.

The PTSSA system so far has 39 two minute vetting scenarios:
• Identification of TERRORISTS and Combatants
• Immigrant/Refugee Vetting
• Counter Terrorism
• Anti-Smuggling
• Human Trafficking
• Alcohol/Drug Rehab Program Monitoring and Tracking
• Political Vetting of Voters and Staff.
• Recruits and Job Applicants
• Pre and Post Employment Screening
• Sex Offenders
• Post Criminal Conviction (Probation and Parole)
• Prisoners and Visitors
• Work Release Programs
• Arson
• Espionage, Spies, and Moles
• Sabotage
• Theft Investigations
• Criminal Investigative Interviews of…
        =>Gang Members
        =>Confidential Informants
• Suicide Prevention
• PTSD Testing
• Specialized Testing Development

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