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The view of truth entails that declarative statements are subject to various kinds of verification and falsification.

A statement can be proven false if it can be shown to disagree with objective reality. The photographs from outer space depicting the earth as a blue orb (along with other kinds of evidence) falsified any stubborn flat-earth claims. Certainly, not all falsification is as straightforward as this; but if statements are true or false by virtue of their relationship to what they attempt to describe, this makes possible the collecting of evidence for their veracity or falsity.

Truth is “Reality as Almighty God sees it”… not a person’s biased opinion, what they were taught, or what they wish was true.



It is okay to not be okay…

          … but it is not okay to beat yourself up over it.
          … but it is not okay to justify it.
          … but it is not okay to lie about it.
          … but it is not okay to do nothing about it.