PTSSA Accuracy


The PTSSA Investigative Analytical Focus Technology

A group of PhD forensic psychologists in 2014 conducted 3rd party scientific evaluations of the PTSSA’s ability to determine if  a person is being truthful or less than truthful. 

The subject’s in these studies were ordered by the criminal courts to under go a rehab program as a conduction of their probation.  This rehab program also mandated each subject submit to numerous urine analysis testing.  A specialize PTSSA test was devised to ask each subject questions concerning the recent use of mood influences substances, and if the subject believed their urine sample would test positive. 

In the first study of 77 subjects, the PTSSA analysis matched the urine analysis at 92%

A second study of 101 different subjects was conducted to determine the validity of the first study.  In this study study the  PTSSA analysis matched the urine analysis at 92%.

After these two studies were completed, adjustments were made to the PTSSA’s algorithms.  The touch screen data was rerun through the PTSSA algorithms, and achieved a higher accuracy of 97%.

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See:  Scientific Published Article#1:  92% accurate

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See:  Scientific Published Article#3:  92% accurate




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