Investigative Analytical Focus Technology Awarded 3 U.S. Patents

~ Law Enforcement ~ Military ~ State Department ~ ~ Department of Defense ~ ~ Private Security Contractors ~ “Refugee, Immigrant Vetting, Visa Vetting at the Point of Origin, Insider Government Threats, Criminal Investigations, etc.,  with 92%+ Proven Accuracy in Two Scientific Studies.  Each Test Administrated in about 2 minutes”  KFMB CBS8 TV news story (January 2010)  […]

PTSSA Accuracy

SCIENTIFIC  CLINICAL  STUDIES The PTSSA Investigative Analytical Focus Technology A group of PhD forensic psychologists in 2014 conducted 3rd party scientific evaluations of the PTSSA’s ability to determine if  a person is being truthful or less than truthful.  The subject’s in these studies were ordered by the criminal courts to under go a rehab program […]

Intersec Article: The Journal of International Security

 The threat to global civil aviation continues to grow, and the sophistication of threats from unforeseen sources continues to rise and challenge the capabilities of conventional individual screening systems. Disrupted plots, incidents that appear to be tests of aviation security systems and actual attempts of various types on civil aviation have occurred persistently since 9/11. […]

Potential Risk Screening in about 2 Minutes with 92+% Accuracy

PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS ANALYSIS The inspiration for the PTSSA technology was born in 1985 out of communications between Fred Fuller, the inventor of the Mark II Voice Analyzer and Phil Sprague, the inventor of the PTSSA technology.  In development, Sprague theorized that two processes were activated when a subject is being faced with the dilemma of answering a […]

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Improve Security

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conference Abuja, Nigeria in April 2010 The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in a bid to improve security around the airport has approved the installation of Psycho physiological Touch Screen Stress Analysis (PTSSA), which will help identify potential threats in less than 2 minutes.  The unique screening system, which […]